Kaimuki Health & Wellness    1109 12th Avenue Suite 2    Honolulu, Hawaii 96816    Ph. 808.924.7772

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Kaimuki Health and Wellness

1109 12th Avenue Suite 2

Honolulu, HI 96816

(808) 924-7772


Our Hours: by appointments only

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We have 2 parking lots. We are on the metered parking area, directly behind the 76 Gas Station and right across from the New 12th Ave. Grill. We are in the Kaimuki Professional Building, first floor. The metered parking is $.75 each hour for 2 hours or you can also find parking directly across. There is parking on the 12th Ave Grill side which you can pull a ticket and pay as you leave. It is $.75 each hour for 2 hours thereafter it is $1.50 on the weekdays. On Saturdays it is $.75 each hour.

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Apprenticeship Program

Apprenticeship Program

Clinical Practice: 420 hours

Clinical Massage Practice of 420 hours is the next level after successfully completing 150 hours of coursework. During this phase students will perfect the hands on techniques to treat a variety of stress-related concerns and health conditions of clients/patients, also this will give them the opportunity to teach the clients/patients of self care habits. These massages are performed by students are under the direct supervision of instructors which plays a vital role in the education of our massage program.

Our Apprenticeship Program will teach students advance techniques such as Shiatsu, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Medical Massage for specific conditions ( Adhesive Capsilitus, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Sacroiliac Joint Pain Syndrome, etc.). Our professional development courses includes business, communications, and ethics which will further prepare our students for career success. Students will learn how to fill out HCFA 1500 forms for medical massage, understand medical codings, and learn how to perform medical massage for specific conditions. They will learn the day to day clinical operations such as sanitation, answering phones and making appointments. Students will learn how to keep good records and rapports with clients. In this phase of the program students  will be well equipped with the knowledge and skills for  employment opportunities, including entry-level positions in: 

  1. medical fields

  2. spa resorts

  3. massage therapy clinics

  4. college/professional sports teams

  5. private practice

  Apprenticeship RegistrationContact_1_files/Info-Require-Instruct-App-for-Massage-Therapist-Apprentice-Reg_10.15R.pdf