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What are the benefits of a therapeutic massage?

Relieve Muscular Tension-

Muscular tension can cause headaches, decreased range of motion and in extreme cases loss of function. Massage therapy is beneficial for physical and emotional stress related injuries.

Improve circulation-

Lack of circulation traps toxins and reduces the flow of nutrients and oxygen. Increased circulation drains the tissue of excess fluids caused by recent injury and surgery.

Improved posture and body awareness-

Improper posture is often due to lack of awareness of one’s body. Improper posture is often the cause of or contributes to muscle tension and pain.

    Our massage therapists are highly qualified and licensed by the State of Hawaii. We strive to provide excellent service to all of our clients/patients by customizing each massage to suit their needs. Whether you come for a relaxing massage or rehabilitative service our massage therapists will help achieve your goals.

*prices are subject to change without notice revised 10/2009

  1. Auto Insurance/ Workers Compensation Accepted

   If you have been injured from an automobile accident or injured from your job our massage rehabilitation service objective is to help aid in restoring you to normal functional capacity with different modalities consisting of Sports massage, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, and heat/cold therapy.


Massage Therapy can help many conditions including:

  1. Stress

  2. Headaches

  3. Arthritis

  4. Neck Pain

  5. Whiplash

  6. Frozen Shoulder ( Adhesive Capsulitis)

  7. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

  8. Back/ Low Back Pain

  9. Sacroiliac Joint Pain and Dysfunction

  10. Sciatica

  11. Sports injuries

Massage Menu

Massage to Go

Before you make an online payment please READ:

All In-house  massage online payments has already a 15% tip included. You should make and confirm your massage appointments over the phone for your preferred time.

Once your appointments are confirmed you then can make your payment with your credit cards with the following payment options.

Note: Your Paypal payment will be made to Kaimuki Health and Wellness.

escape to tranquility...

escape to tranquility...

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Wellness Massage/Rates:

~Swedish Massage~   30 min. - $30  |   60 min. - 50  |  90 min. - 80

The most familiar form of massage which utilizes oils or lotions and includes long strokes, kneading, and light friction to help the body to remove metabolic waste and stimulate the skin and nervous system.


~Shiatsu~   30 min. - $35  |   60 min. - 65  | 90 min. - 95

Originated in Japan, using finger or thumb pressure on the body’s meridian (energy pathways) to open up blocked energy and soothe knotted muscles. A painful pleasure, but potent in healing and relaxing.


~ Sports Massage~ 30 min. - $35  |   60 min. - 65  | 90 min. - 95

Sports massage is part of a winning game plan whether you’re an avid athlete, weekend sportsman, or just suffering from the wear and tear of daily life. This massage combines with deep tissue work and passive stretching. Designed to maximize results for physical active men/women to prepare and stimulate primary muscle groups. It also, helps improve range of motion, reduces lactic acid build up, and realigns muscle fibers.


~Soft Tissue Mobilization/ Deep Tissue~ 30 min. - $35  |   60 min. - 65  | 90 min. - 95

Myofascial Release is the stretching of the fascia, a thin tissue that covers every muscle and fiber within each muscle. When fibers are injured they become short and tight. Applying gentle traction and pressure to help relax muscle spasms and breakdown adhesions (knots) in the connective tissue. The body responds to this therapy by releasing tension, increasing flexibility, and mobility of the muscles.

~Reflexology~ 15 min. -$20  | 30 min. - $35

Works on the principles that all the body’s organs are connected to reflex points in the feet; pressure point massage can help better blood circulation in the feet.

~ Massage Sampler~ 15 min. -$20  | 30 min. - $35

We offer chair massage for the neck, shoulders, and back aches due to stress from sitting in front of the computer, office politics, or just overall quick fix stress reliever.