Why Choose LaMarca Academy for Massage Therapy?

We Are Affordable

Our Academy offers more than just basic massage training to complete and pass the exam. We also incorporate advance training in our Apprenticeship Program without advance training charges. Our excellent training program will have you ready in less than a year to start your career.

We Have the Best Instructors

LaMarca Academy for Massage Therapy has been approved by the State of Hawaii to conduct pre-licensing Massage Therapy for everyone. Our Instructors have been licensed for 15 years and experienced in conducting workshops. Our instructors are very successful in both the classroom and clinical settings.

You Can Complete Your Training Quickly

Our Massage Therapy Program and Apprenticeship Program takes 9 months to complete. Students will be ready to be licensed within a year.

We Have a Comprehensive Curriculum

Our program consists of Anatomy, Physiology, and Structure Kinesiology along with Instructors’ Demonstration of massage techniques. During the Apprenticeship Program students will have a wide knowledge base and advance massage skills to further their career.


Our mission is to provide our students with quality education and strong technical skills to prepare them for a rewarding career as a professional massage therapist.


LaMarca Academy will help and assist students through a professional job search.

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