Professional Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy Certification Program

Class Schedule

Level 1: Massage Therapy Certification Program

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm


Our Massage Therapy Certification Program is a comprehensive course of instructions that combines the academic discipline with technical proficiency. The first level is 150 hours of coursework which takes approximately 3 months to complete. Students who successfully pass the  Level 1 course requirements will be given a Certificate of Successful Completion. The second level is our Apprenticeship Program which is 420 hours of clinical practice and advance training which takes approximately 6 months to complete. It will take approximately 9 months to complete prior to licensure. Students enrolled in both programs will be taught the principles and practices of massage therapy in Hawaii. Students who successfully completes both program requirements will be eligible to take the  Hawaii State Board of Massage and National Certification  Examination for Massage and Bodywork.

Course Description

Our program will teach the students to understand the basic principles of massage therapy. The first level of the program will consists of 150 hours of academic courses in the sciences of Anatomy, Physiology, and Structural Kinesiology. We will also educate the students in massage history, theory, benefits of massage, procedures in massaging, record keeping, hygiene, techniques for specific conditions, contraindications of massage, draping, assessment of clients’ conditions and general technique to be applied.

Level 1 Classes: 150 hours

Contents of Course:

Anatomy|Physiology I &II:

In this course students will learn about the human body by focusing on cells, tissues, structures of organs and their functions. Students will gain an understanding of the organ system and how they are interconnected.

Kinesiology I & II:

This course covers the study of muscular movement in Human motion. Students will learn the integration of anatomy and physiology with kinesiology. Students will use a variety of tactile and experimental learning methods. They will also learn how to palpate muscles on each other to understand their functions. This system of kinesthetic learning is the best approach to the study of musculoskeletal system.

Pathology I:

This course students will learn about personal hygiene, common ailments, and diseases that are contraindicated for massage therapy. Students will have an understanding of musculoskeletal disorders, infectious diseases, skin disorders, and endocrine disorders in the human body.         

Professional Development I:       

In this course students will learn about personal boundaries and creating a healthy therapist/client relationship. Student will learn how to compile information and evaluate to provide an appropriate plan of massage treatment.

Professional Development II & III:    

This course students will learn how to prepare intake forms for clients records, organizing schedules and practice good management. In addition, this course will prepare students to succeed in the business of massage. We will offer general guidelines on how to establish a successful massage practice and how to pursue employment opportunities. Students will gain an understanding of marketing strategies, business ethics, licensing, and professionalism.

Apprenticeship Program

Level 2 Clinical Practice: 420 hours

Clinical Massage Practice of 420 hours is the next level after successfully completing 150 hours of coursework. During this phase students will perfect the hands on techniques to treat a variety of stress-related concerns and health conditions of clients/patients, also this will give them the opportunity to teach the clients/patients of self care habits. These massages are performed by students are under the direct supervision of instructors which plays a vital role in the education of our massage program.

Our Apprenticeship Program will teach students advance techniques such as Shiatsu, Sports Massage, and Medical Massage for specific conditions ( Adhesive Capsilitus, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Sacroiliac Joint Pain Syndrome, etc.). Our professional development courses includes business, communications, and ethics which will further prepare our students for career success. Students will learn how to fill out HCFA 1500 forms for medical massage, understand medical codings, and learn how to perform medical massage for specific conditions. They will learn the day to day clinical operations such as sanitation, answering phones and making appointments. Students will learn how to keep good records and rapports with clients. In this phase of the program students  will be well equipped with the knowledge and skills for  employment opportunities, including entry-level positions in: 

  1. medical fields

  2. spa resorts

  3. massage therapy clinics

  4. college/professional sports teams

  5. private practice

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